Our Company

The company supplies rotogravure cylinders to targeted clients with the capability to deliver orders that require quick turnaround. We work with leading printers, supporting their development and at the same time spreading our technology.

We systematically manage new ideas, developing products based on market trends and new technology, in order to meet our customers’ needs more effectively and contribute with our proposals to their objectives, such as economies of scale.

The primary goal of the ICR team is to operate being responsible to everyone, to strive for continuous improvement and contribute to customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the wider environment (stakeholders) of the company.

In 1956, Evangelos Ioannou started the engraving of rotogravure cylinders.

In 1970, he founded in Athens a small unit for chemical engraving. Alone he follows the technological developments in the area extending his knowledge and improving continuously the quality of his product.

In 1990, expansion and relocation to the industrial area of Inofita. Application of electronic engraving for the first time in Greece, by Yiannis Ioannou.

Today ICR Ioannou is the largest producer of rotogravure cylinders in the Balkan area while also being a major player in Europe with a worldwide export market.


Innovation Awards for Lightweight Aluminum Technology


  • European Rotogravure Association (ERA)
    Innovation Prize 2013
  • Gravure Association of America (GAA)
    Innovation Prize 2015