Our Values

What makes us stand out from our competition is our commitment to our values as professionals and as people. These values form the foundation which defines who we are, how we perform our work, and how we manage our relationships with our customers, employees, and partners.

We responsibly and repeatedly carry out any work we undertake, error free and in an agreed time frame. By this we gain the appreciation of our customers and self-satisfaction.

We consistently provide products and services to meet our commitments. We ensure that we respond and react quickly and accurately, to reduce engagement time. We do whatever is necessary to save headaches for our customers, win their trust and feel trusted.

Problem Solving
We are receptive to demands and solve the problems of our customers. In this way, they support us and we feel useful.

We develop new innovative solutions in products, processes and way of operating, without forgetting the traditions on which our products are based. We are recognized as the source of innovative products (Innovation Rooted in Tradition) in our field. In this way, we gain their attention and feel creative.


We develop relationships and work in concert with all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues, etc.) in a mutually beneficial framework. In this way, we create long-term partnerships, a trusted environment and a mutual value with synergies as the expected outcome.

Prudent Management
We document our decisions, we predict, we plan in the best possible way and use wisely the company’s resources (people, equipment, materials, money), minimizing risks in each case (credit, stocks, expenses, investments). Thus we ensure that we can deal with adversity in the best possible way and feel confident.